Revacco was founded in early 21st century, in İstanbul province of Turkey, a supplier of Commercial Refrigeration. Couple years later, the company started assembling refrigeration products locally with European-origin equipments and exports to it's neighbors which rapidly expanded to over 25 countries. In 2020, the firm along with sister company opened it's own production facility of cold storages, cladding insulated panel for building construction, insulated doors, cooling systems: condensing units, evaporators. About 75% of the production materials, and equipments are currently imported from Europe, mainly France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Since it's founding, Revacco has stayed on it's version of delivering uniqueness in quality products, services, and customer relations. And the management has been working closely with business partners in Europe, including popular names like Trane, Carrier, etc by reselling and distributing their products in larger project applications. With these extraordinary efforts, Revacco has successfully completed numerous projects directly and indirectly, with a sealed reputation at home and abroad within the Industrial Refrigeration sector.

Revacco team are specialized, fully equipped with knowledge and experience, from incredible engineers to foreign trade experts, all dedicated to ensuring all company activities are strictly first class. Clients have great value to the firm, and it's team serve with the best possible excellence. At Revacco, only great products are offered, transparent production and exporting programs, high speed delivery options are always available, as well as warranty packs, and customer assistance 7 days a week.