About Us

Revacco is founded to provide sustainable refrigeration products and services in Turkey and around the world. We are committed to creating a vision of delivering uniqueness in the HVAC-R sector with reliable quality products, professional services, and greater customer relations. 

Revacco offers cold storages, cladding construction insulated panel, insulated doors, supermarket display cabinet, cooling systems and related products for any refrigeration project. In order to balance our product's quality with our European counterparts, we import about 70% of the production materials from France, Germany, Italy and Spain origin.  

Revacco is equipped with experienced team in all sectors of our management. We conduct regular R&Ds and test reports to ensure excellence in production of all our refrigeration products, and to guarantee stable usage of our products across the world. 

Revacco's reputations help paved way for our exports currently reaching over 25 countries. Our products play a key role in all mechanical projects. Our customers and business partners have great value to us, we serve with transparency and assist in every step of your project.