Any occupied space requires the correct quantity of outside air to displace any stale air and create a fresh environment. By utilizing heat pump technology and heat recovery, envirofresh systems provide a cost effective way of installing a 100% outside air system with balanced extract. With heat recovery it is possible to increase the temperature of the fresh air towards the indoor air conditions, reducing the heating costs by 50%.

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  • Create a no smoking area in a public house or restaurant by supplying fresh tempered air to the non-smoking or employee areas, recovering heat from the extracted smoking area.
  • Lecture theatres, meeting and function rooms.
  • Combine with other systems such as VRV and chilled water fan coils to provide tempered fresh air.
  • Where occupant fresh air requirement exceeds design cooling volume.
  • Available with volumes from 0.5m³/s to 12m³/s

Envirofresh benefits

  • Fully factory tested systems, pre-wired complete with integral refrigeration components and all controls. Reduces site installation costs and time.
  • The configuration of the components maximises the heat pumps capacity and efficiency. Other separate external heat pumps reduce in capacity as the ambient temperature falls. By placing the heat pump internally in the room exhaust air path, the envirofresh eliminates loss of capacity at low ambients.
  • Lower external noise levels.
  • Energy saving heat recovery system.
  • No external condensing units.

System Options

TA :-Tempered air system

Supplies filtered outside air at room temperature throughout the year, independently controlled.

SHC:-Space heating and cooling

Complete control of the environmental temperature for the occupied area. Suitable for lecture theatres, pubs, meeting rooms and function rooms.


This range of Compact Packaged Heat Pump Air Handling Units was developed to reduce plant space requirement while having high coefficients of performance also low noise emissions and outperform the ErP 2018 Eco Directive for energy reduction.

With airflow ranges of 0.4m³/sec to 3.0m³/sec the package unit incorporates a reverse cycle heat pump with digital scroll fully variable compressors. E.C. backward curved centrifugal fans. High performance energy recovery rotary thermal wheel or plate heat exchanger. On board package control system. Low sound emission features.

The Envirofresh Mini Compact is especially useful on building re modelling projects and refurbishment works with space limitations.

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