We design industrial refrigeration systems to maintain an artificially generated temperature or range of temperatures for cold rooms or showcases. Perishable items or temperature-sensitive such as foods and pharmaceutical products like vaccines are stored at calculated cooling set point. These walk-in rooms can vary in size from very small to very large warehouse storages.

These consistent and powerful refrigeration and freezing systems are precisely temperature control for commercial facilities. Biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products, tobacco products, foods, flowers, delicate plants are generally refrigerated. 

An ideal refrigeration temperature, like food ranges between -2°C and 10°C. Pharmaceutical ICH storage requires a 5°C with a tolerance of ±3°C. When colder conditions are required, freezer rooms between -18°C and -25°C will be the preferred option. Blast freezing tune down to between -30°C and -40°C. Extreme Freezers are also able to provide ultra-low storage needs at -50°C to -80°C.

The refrigeration systems work by compressing a refrigerant, then allowing it to expand. The expansion of the gas absorbs energy, cooling the evaporator coils and, indirectly, the air passed over them. This delivery air must be colder than the room set point in order to cool the room and the products it contains. 

The refrigeration systems are constructed with compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator coils and air circulation fans.

  • The compressor, which compresses the refrigerant gas
  • The condenser, in which the hot gas is cooled to a liquid
  • An expansion valve, which controls flow of the liquefied gas and where liquid gas expands to vapour
  • Evaporator coils, where the liquid gas expands and boils. This process absorbs energy, cooling the coils
  • Fan, to circulate air over the cold evaporator coils, thereby cooling the cold storage. Air also be circulated over pipes containing some type of liquid antifreeze, which have themselves been cooled using the evaporator. Fans also circulate air around the cold storage to ensure even distribution of the cold air and reduce temperature variations within the room.  

Monoblock Cooling Units

Connector-ready cooling unit, which is ready for immediate use. Mounted directly on top of the cold room or on the side. The units have a sturdy housing with low-noise emittance, are fully thermal, and equipped with an air-cooled compressor. The safety utilities are in accordance with EN (DIN) standards. Also included is a high-capacity evaporator with automatic defrosting, an electrical temperature regulation, and a digital temperature indicator with connection and protective plug.

  • Wall-Side Monoblock

This is a self-contained monoblock model for wall-mount installation in small cold rooms at positive and negative temperatures.

  • Compact unit with reduced refrigerant load.
  • Tropicalised design for high ambient temperature up to 40ºC.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • Hot gas defrost with temperature control.
  • Units exempt from leak checks.
  • Monoblock units ready for quick installation through cold room wall and removable through-wall insulation pad for drop-in frame mounting.
  • Centrifugal version units featuring a centrifugal motor fan for ducted outlet of condenser hot air.
  • Weatherproof monoblock units for outdoors installations at positive and negative small cold rooms.

  • Roof-Top Monoblock

Roof-top monoblock units for small-size chiller and freezer cold rooms, for ceiling panel installation.

This type of monoblock unit is for small-size chiller and freezer cold rooms, for ceiling panel installation.

  •  Monoblock version for ceiling panel installation.
  • Centrifugal monoblocl version with centrifugal motor fan to duct the hot condensation air outdoors.
  • R-134a, R404A or R-449A refrigerant.
  • Tropicalised design for ambient temperature up to 40 ºC.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • Hot gas defrost with temperature control.
  • Units exempt from leak checks.

Split refrigeration

Split unit systems are manufactured in Economic Pack and Premium European Pack for small and large walk-in cold rooms, market refrigerated cabinets, and other refrigerated boxes at positive and negative temperatures. It is composed of a condensing unit and a slim-type, cubic-type or double flow evaporating unit.

The units combine the latest refrigeration technologies with traditional tested solutions in a very compact design. They have a strong structure but also feature a reduced weight, and reduced refrigerant load. They are built in galvanized steel with weatherproof polyester paint, and comprise a complete electronic regulation with remote controller and digital condensation control, with fast cooling and night mode to improve the efficiency

Condensing Unit

These condensing units are manufactured in accordance with European Union norms, CE and ISO certificated. Tropical Cooling units are also constructed for high ambient temperature zones up to +60 ºC. Our condensing units are ready assembled, equipped with the following:

  • Compressor (Scroll, Hermetic, Semi-hermetic)
  • HP /LP Pressure Switch
  • Condenser
  • Electrical Board
  • Fans
  • Electrical Components
  • Digital Controller
  • Liquid Receiver
  • Fan Speed Controller
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Dryer
  • Sight Glass
  • Expansion Valve


Evaporator is the output section of the refrigerator or air-conditioning system. This component accounts for the refrigeration effect produced by the cooling system.

The evaporator allows the absorption of heat through the surrounding as the refrigerant moves through the refrigerant coils. The process is called evaporation.

Theoretically evaporation is isothermal as there is no change in the temperature of refrigerator. Refrigerant boils during its movement through the evaporation coils.

We have various types of evaporators which are produced according to applications, such as Slim-Type, Double Flow, Cubic, and Blast evaporating unit, for positive and negative temperature cold rooms and refrigerated chambers. It is designed in galvanized steel shell with polyester, as well as stainless steel coating. All our evaporators are manufactured in accordance with European Union norms and certified by CE and ISO. We can also manufacture with either hot gas or electric defrosting system.

  • Silent fan option
  • Easy installation and maintenance opportunity
  • Low Noise
  • High efficiency coils.
  • Built-in thermostatic expansion and solenoid valves.
  • 100 % factory tested and adjusted units for the highest performance.
  • Prewired electronic control.

Central Compressor Rack

A compressor rack construction consists of multiple compressors that may or may not be operating at the same time. These multiple compressors may refrigerate different cases that are operating at different temperatures.

Multiple parallel compressors in the rack has high advantage. As they allow variable operation of refrigeration depending on how much cooling power is required.

This is different from single compressor systems in which there are only two option. Either it is operating and we have the 100 percent cooling power or it is not operating in which case we have 0 percent cooling power.

  • Condenser

The compressor rack with corresponding condensers are located outdoor. This specific type of system also allows different locations for the compressor rack system and the condenser.

The condenser system can be fitted outdoor while the compressor rack is located in the machine room. This system is highly useful for large vertical distances and long live runs.