Rack Systems are essential part of warehouse infrastructure, warehouse racking can hinder or accelerate warehouse operations. With proper warehouse racking, warehouse managers maximize space and optimize warehouse organization for efficiency and a streamlined picking process. Warehouse layout plays a major role in warehouse racking, as aisle width, docking locations, shipping areas, and other warehouse components affect warehouse racking options.

There are several types of warehouse racking systems, which also are known as pallet racks or materials handling systems. Wooden, metal, or plastic pallets, or skids, are combined with larger racking systems comprised of shelves at various levels. Decking bases are available in different widths to support objects placed on the racks in storage. In many cases, warehouse racking is several feet high and requires forklifts for the loading process. Various warehouse racking system configurations are possible including selective racks, drive-in or drive-through racks, push-back racks, and flow racks.

Selective Racks - The most commonly used pallet system, selective racks provide access from an aisle. These warehouse racking systems are ideal for narrow aisle racking, standard systems, and deep-reach systems. Selective racks require special narrow lift trucks and accommodate a single pallet in depth

Drive-In and Drive-Through Racks - For high-density storage, drive-in racks and drive-through racks are ideal. Constructed of steel in most cases, these warehouse racking systems have enough space for a forklift to move into its bay. It's important to note that drive-in racks have one entrance and exit, but drive-through racks allow access on both sides of the bay. As a result, drive-in racks are suited to the last in, first out (LIFO) process commonly used for nonperishable products or those with a low turnover. On the other hand, a drive-through system requires a first in, first out (FIFO) process. Drive-in and drive-through racks may be floor-to-ceiling structures

Push Back Racking Systems - Typically used for bulk storage, push back racking systems store products that span 2-5 pallets. When a pallet is loaded onto the system, it pushes the next pallet back, and when a pallet is unloaded, it is pushed to the front of the system. Push-back racking systems utilize the LIFO system and often feature inclined rails and sliding carts and double lanes

Flow Racks - Also known as gravity racks, flow racks are commonly used for high-density storage. With this type of warehouse racking system, items are loaded at the higher end and removed at the lower end using a FIFO system. The rotation of products becomes automatic as the racks flow with loading and unloading. Flow racks make use of gravity rollers that move in conjunction with the rack load and feature brakes or speed controllers to regulate item movement. One advantage of flow racks is they do not require electricity for operation because gravity powers them

Warehouse Racking Requirements

The type of warehouse racking that best suits warehouses varies by need, and there are a few factors to consider that help us determine the best option for your project:

  • Available floor space
  • Ceiling heightWarehouse
  • Pallet type and size
  • The number of SKUs stored in each rack
  • Frequency of pallet access
  • Product shelf life
  • FIFO or LIFO product needs
  • Number of pallets to be stored
  • Fork truck type and lift height

Storage racks

Storage racks, such as common pallet racks, are used in many industries and in workplaces such as distribution centres, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and the storage areas of retail operations.

Moving materials on and off storage racks, either manually or using mobile equipment, puts workers at greater risk of injury due to slips, trips, and falls; overexertion; and being struck by falling objects.

There are additional risks if the racks are not properly installed, inspected, used, or maintained. The racks themselves can then be a hazard if they become unstable or collapse, thus increasing the risk of injury to workers.

Factors that can increase the risk of injury include:


Poor maintenance (resulting in deterioration)

Unsafe loading practices

See our resources for information on working safely around storage racks.

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 All cold room users know the importance of quality shelving systems. Hygiene is a big factor so it is important for any business that handles food or pharmaceuticals to choose the right kind of shelving and racking for their cold room facilities. We have many years of experience in cold room design and supply and this enables us to recognize what makes a good shelving system. So we are delighted to offer our customers this quality racking range from Optima, manufactured in Europe, which has a range of fantastic features and benefits.

This cold room shelving has been designed for a wide range of uses which includes:

Cold Rooms - Commercial Kitchens - Laundries - Clean Rooms - Laboratories - Pharmacies

Our regular and repeat business customers are pharmaceutical companies, caterers, hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, fishmongers, butchers, bakeries, greengrocers and chocolatiers.

3 Types Of Shelving To Suit Your Needs

Standard Shelving (freestanding or can be fixed to the wall)

Mobile Shelving (for large cold rooms and kitchens, warehouses, pharmaceuticals, event caterers)

Lockable Trolleys (for restaurants, hotels and hospitals and areas open to the general public)

Standard Shelving - Key Features

coldroom racking system- Strong, decorative, anodised aluminium structure

- Plastic, durable shelves with excellent load capacity

- Shelves can be easily extended

- Almost any combination of shelving configuration possible

- Sloping shelves option for display (grocers, chocolatiers)

- Durable polypropylene shelf plates and grills

- Hooks made from reinforced aluminum

- Feet/inserts made of high resistant composite material

- Stainless steel corner connectors


food in cold room shelving- Hygenic storage solution

- Shelving cominbations help maximise storage space

- Shelf stability, excellent load capacity

- Adjustable shelving (every 150 mm)

- Easily removable shelving grills and plates

- Dishwasher-proof shelf inserts

- Superb resistance between -40°C and +80°C

- Strong hook supports, hidden fixing connections

- Adjustable feet

Dimensions & Load Capacity

Standard height 1800mm - Optional heights of 2100mm and 2400mm possible

Number of shelves: 3, 4, 5 or 6. (7 and 8 tier shelving is possible - please enquire)

Shelving depth: 400mm, 500mm or 600mm. (400mm is only possible if the unit is fixed to the wall for stability)

For more details including load capacity please fill the inquiry form or If you prefer to speak to us, just contact Revacco Sales Office.

Shelves available in PVC, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Shelving not only provides ample space to keep things in proper place but also helps to organize things from heavy industrial products to magazines. Shelving is available in various types such as plastic shelving, wood shelving and metal or wire shelving

• Plastic shelving: Plastic shelves are made up of non conductive material resistant to cleaning solutions, solvents and battery acid. Plastic shelves are ideal to store and display light materials. Plastic shelving is rust free, durable and versatile.

• Wood shelving: Wood shelving appears to be elegant and classic. It is made of good quality woods. It can be polished and mounted into frames. Wood shelving is sturdy, durable, traditional and classy in look.

• Wire shelving: Wire shelving is generally found in modern offices, homes and industrial companies. Wire shelving is durable, versatile and elegance in appearance. Wire or metal shelving is inexpensive and easily available hence very popular.

Shelving helps in making life much organized, convenient and mobile.

For more details including load capacity please fill the inquiry form or If you prefer to speak to us, just contact Revacco Sales Office.