Multidecks Chiller

With multiple options available, every premises can take advantage of these display refrigerated cases. Choose from slimline or low height multidecks suited to those with limited space and fresh meat, fruit and veg or general purpose options to cater for all types of contents. There are also numerous features available to guarantee that finding the ideal refrigerated multideck is easy.

These highly-attractive commercial appliances are guaranteed to impress, make your stock look fantastic and what's even better, they should last you for years when shown the proper care and attention.

This comprehensive selection of multidecks are equipped with components from leading brands in Europe, ensuring that quality manufacture, precision performance and enhanced efficiency comes as standard. We are ready to offer a series of designs and models within our range of displays at your request. 

If you run a business that sells fresh food and you want customers to be able to easily grab and buy, multideck fridges are a must. These are used in a range of commercial premises including cafes, supermarkets, and convenience stores to store and display various products that need to be kept at a certain temperature. Our Multi deck refrigerators are available for a wide range of uses including a chilled multideck for general purpose, which is ideal for storing sandwiches, cooked meat, cold drinks, and more. Fresh meat multidecks are ideal for supermarkets as they offer lower temperatures for this kind of product. Our Multideck display refrigeration cabinets are built to last and look fantastic in any food & drink merchandising environment. Our open front dairy chillers are easy to access and maintain plus the vast variety means that there's something to cater for any taste & decor or budget.

Optimise presentation of products with these open fronted chillers designed to house and display various food or beverage products in an easily accessible manner, all perfectly cooled and ready for service. The multilevel, tiered design can hold large quantities of goods ensuring that every business can create an effective refrigerated display to entice customers and boost 'grab and go' purchases.


Semi verticals are medium height self-service refrigerated display cabinets, featuring multiple shelving. The medium height of the multilevel displays has the advantage of allowing the customers to see the store layout without obstructing the view. Semiverticals ensure that produce is visible at an eye level of the customer; therefore, they are ideal for encouraging impulse 'grab and go' buys. In addition to several options to display general purpose cold products, configurations are available to hold fruit & vegetables, also flowers.

Frozen Foods

Designed to attractively present and showcase frozen produce, our display freezers are an essential addition to any retail setting. Some glass door freezer models within our range are also suitable for positioning in kitchen and catering environments ensuring that ingredients are easy to locate, especially during busy services.Manufactured to deliver precision performance whilst observing efficiency, we offer high quality, durable equipment.

Our team is perfectly placed to offer free, impartial advice with the aim of matching every customer to the piece of equipment best suited to their needs. Backed by a dedicated customer service and support we pride ourselves on giving our customers the most informative and comprehensive service possible. 

From pre-cooked meals and frozen ingredients to ice cream and desserts and even a booming market in raw frozen pet food, more and more consumers are turning to frozen products which make it quick, easy and convenient to create delicious dishes at home.

These Freezer Cabinets are suitable for shops, supermarkets and in some cases even catering kitchens, our display freezers provide the ideal way to preserve frozen foods whilst allowing clear visibility of contents. All benefitting from a glass door design, customers can browse available products with ease.

To ensure that all sized businesses are catered for, our range of commercial display freezers includes tall upright designs with single, double or triple doors and undercounter units which make sure all available space can be utilised. With a choice of sizes, capacities. designs and finishes, there's plenty of options to meet all requirements. Wall site freezers are also on offer providing a versatile combination of upper cabinets and lower reach-in freezer well.

All products Having been tried and tested in working environments around the European Union, all display freezers deliver quality construction, professional performance, enhanced efficiency and attractive design.

We have a wide range of display freezers: single or double door, freezer island, wall site freezer, remote multideck freezers. For more information or advice on these freezers, please contact us today.

Fruits & vegetables

Since these multideck refrigerators will be directly customer-facing and have been created to be interacted with hundreds of times per day, they're all incredibly durable and robust. They also come with many different configuration options, allowing you complete control over the customer experience you provide. With utility prices soaring and climate change evermore impactful, energy efficiency has never been so important. To this end, all our fruit and veg multideck options come with high-efficiency EC fans, natural refrigerants and bright LEDs.

Fruit and vegetable multidecks are ideal for grocers and supermarkets wanting to provide a top quality chilled display with fruit and vegetables. Designed specifically for the retail of fruit and vegetables, the multideck chiller is the ideal way to keep your fresh produce chilled while creating an effective retail display.

Our Fruit and vegetable cabinet have been created with both the client and the end customer in mind. They combine optimal aesthetics, size, design and lighting with large-capacity tiered shelving, allowing you to store vast amounts of attractive produce in one place. They're either open-fronted or come with glass doors, allowing your customers to brose at their leisure.


The unit is covered with curved sliding lids that will give you and your customers easy access to the cabinet. There is also an additional ticket strip option to help in the proper pricing of your items.

A white interior and exterior provide a durable unit that will last long in your commercial space and an easy to clean surface that will see you meet all the required hygiene standards. Optional external colors are also available

Displaying your frozen food has never been easier than with Island Freezer. This sleek, stylish island freezer is built for commercial purposes, designed in aesthetically pleasing manner. It offers you all the best features for the display and preservation of your food items in settings such as supermarkets, superstores and large or small convenience stores. Units can be arranged into islands with head case units. 

Multiplex kits are available to join them together and shelving kits can be added to give extra impulse sales.

With a static cooling system, this unit is able to provide the required temperatures for the preservation of a wide range of food items.

We also provide you with dual temperature options depending on what you need for your business. A digital controller and temperature display on this high vision supermarket freezer will help monitor and adjust the temperatures to keep your products in their best conditions.

There is an auto-defrost function inside the unit that gets rid of any and all accumulated ice in the cabinet. This creates room for your product and prevents ice from damaging your food items. It also saves you the trouble of having to clean up the accumulated ice manually. There is an additional feature called the defrost drain that collects the melted ice and helps discard it without leaving messes behind.


A deli display fridge is the perfect option for this. Deli fridge display options are perfect for cafes, convenience stores, supermarkets, and a wide range of further commercial environments.Your deli fridge can help you boost sales by positioning it in an area where customers can easily see what you are serving. A good deli fridge will be just the right temperature to keep the food and drink items in perfect condition and make sure that your customers are always satisfied with the choice that they make. We have options available in a range of styles and sizes with something to suit every type of business, whether you need a small deli display fridge to serve chilled sandwiches and drinks in your corner shop, a meat display for butchers, a fish counter display for fishmongers or a larger fridge as part of the main display in your café. 

Slimline Serve Over Counters

Featuring a unique protective layer, this equipment can withstand the damaging effect of naturally occurring ammonia present in fish whilst also creating a display to entice custom. With a drain in the deck, water created from excess or thawing ice can be adequately removed and taken care of with minimum mess. Achieving temperatures between -1°C and +1°C fresh fish is kept in optimum condition.

Remote Serve Over Counters

Defined by the refrigeration system being fitted separately from the actual equipment, remote serve overs have a number of benefits. Combining the attractive display typical of a serveover with the efficiency, reduced heat and lessened noise during operation of a remote system, this equipment is exceptional for efficiency conscious businesses or premises dealing with limited space. 

Serve over counters make it easy to store and present your sandwiches, cakes, drinks and other chilled products in a stylish and practical display. Serve over counter fridges come with a large display area and small shelf behind the counter perfect for serving, customers can clearly view what's available. We understand every business is different so we offer an unbeatable range of serve over counter displays, helping you find the perfect display no matter what you need, at prices you'll love.When serving prepared food such as cakes, sandwiches, salad boxes, and drinks to customers, how they are displayed can make all the difference to how eager your customers are to buy. A good display will ensure that your customers can easily see all the options that are available to them and will be easily able to make the right choice. 

Slimline Serve Over Counters

When space is limited these reduced depth models provide the ideal combination of compact design and premium results. Ideal for premises where access is limited, even the most compact of businesses can create a profit boosting chilled display.

Standard Serve Over Counters

With a standard depth greater than 901mm, these models combine large capacity chilled display with the practicality of a small service area. Able to hold consistent temperatures for all general and dairy products, you are guaranteed that your fresh produce is always displayed in premium condition.

Meat Serve Over Counters

Designed specifically to achieve optimum temperatures for fresh meat storage, typically ranging between -2°C and +2°C, there is a choice of attractive styles available to suit all business layouts.