Through the past years, we have helped our clients around the world, in the government and private sectors with a breadth of products and services in our industry. Revacco offers variety of designs, custom fabrications to suit every need for any project applications, and have successfully exported to over 25 countries. We go beyond borders, working closely with honorable partner brands in quality and durability.

We construct walk-in cold rooms and freezer rooms of various designs and dimensions; including those suitable for warehouses, industrial and special applications. We provide modern and high-quality products that meet all international standards.

We offer the most complete refrigeration solutions in the industry for both food and beverage production and cold storage. Our refrigeration systems are produced in various models such as Mono-block, Split Unit, and Central Cooling System. All components are designed and certified in the EU.

On request, we can offer the full range of insulated construction panels, manufactured and tailored to your project requirements in length, thickness and most RAL-colour tones. Of course, we are also able to offer you special offers and surplus stock at low prices.

Together with retailers, we taken sustainable commercial food solutions to the next level. Our display refrigerators not only ensure the perfect conditions for food in temperature controlled environments, but also improve food safety and customer attraction.

Refrigerated trucks provide climate control for delicate deliveries. these vehicles typically have an insulated interior and refrigeration unit. For grocery stores, florists, and delicatessens, these trucks are critical for delivering perishable items for both distances.

We offer a range of insulated industrial storage for use in the food sector, pharmaceutical industries, warehouses and commercial applications. From our extremely efficient and durable Thermospan® line of doors to our economical storage doors, every door is engineered and built to provide ultimate quality.