• Batteries are formed by arranging aluminum lamella material on copper pipe (H22).

• Products are manufactured with 2.1mm and 2.5mm pitch spacing.

• Optimum circuiting is made by taking into account pressure losses.

• In order to prevent cutting in the pipes, the mirror sheet material is designed as aluminum or snap-on cover.

• Copper pipe is used as collector input and outlet material.

• Electrostatic epoxy oven powder paint with increased UV protection and temperature resistance is used on the casseting material.

• With its durable body design, no additional construction is required on the floor where it will be placed.

• Stainless multigrip pop rivets are used as fasteners in casseting.

• For Ø500-Ø630 and Ø800 fan diameters, European origin fan within the scope of IP-54 protection class is used.

• European origin junction box with protection class IP 55 is used.

• Battery test pressure is 36 bar.

• Maximum operating pressure is 28 bar.


Our air-cooled industrial type condensers are produced to be suitable for installation and operation in outdoor conditions without taking into account extra pressure loss.

The condensers appeal to many different application areas with their wide capacity range.

It can meet all the needs of medium and large-scale capacity in cold storages, cooling cabinets, industrial kitchen cabinets, chiller and air conditioning applications.

It can be designed to be suitable for both horizontal and vertical operation.

In the production of the these series, the arrangement of the fans can be made as single row and double row.