Sectional Door

  • Rope break safety system

  • Spring set consists of double springs

  • Spring bumpers

  • 2" galvanized steel rail set

  • Aluminum upper sealing profile

  • Aluminum bottom support profile

  • EPDM bottom sealing gasket

  • EPDM top sealing gasket

  • Hollow shaft with keyway

  • Solid shaft with keyway

  • For doors wider than 6000 mm, 65 mm omega wind support sheet is used Door Handle

  • bottom sealing gasket

  • side seal gasket

  • After 5500 mm, double side hinge and long wheel are used


Our Sectional doors are designed for factory, warehouse and parking lot entrances. Sectional doors are also used at material and vehicle entry and exit points.

We produced from sandwich panels filled with steel polyurethane, and provide the highest level of security, energy savings. The doors can also be manufactured using transparent plexiglass, are preferred in showrooms and service entrances thanks to the transparency they provide.

Roll up towards the ceiling mechanism provides a more efficient use of the indoor usage areas and allows the door opening to be used more clearly. The door can be mounted in different ways in accordance with the distance of this gap. (can be applied with standard, low, high and guillotine bearing options.)

Door Panel Details

The 615 or 495 mm panels that make up the door are connected to each other with panel color electrostatic painted steel, aluminum or stainless steel hinges.

Panels with a thickness of 42 mm and a thermal coefficient of 0.78 W/m2K are composed of two steel, aluminum or stainless steel plates filled with polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg/m3.

There are strong steel plates inside the panel that increase the wind resistance. The wind resistance of our panels is 80 km/h. Thanks to EPDM gaskets, high insulation is provided on the sides, bottom and top, against rain and wind.

Panels with sectional door systems in standard white color (inside-outside RAL 9002) can also be applied in different RAL colors in accordance with the building exterior.

The sheet metal plates on the front and back surfaces of the sectional industrial door panels are firmly joined to each other in four layers. On the door panels, windows consisting of double-walled acrylic glass can be opened in desired rows for lighting purposes.