About Us

Revacco Refrigeration is an export leading supplier of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment in Turkey. Our products and solutions have been used in recent years across the globe by caterers, restaurants and hotels, research centres, hospitals, pharmaceutical and food industries. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality products for the refrigeration markets around the globe.

Our clients and customers are supported through our manufacturing facilities in Ankara, and Konya. All our products are engineered and manufactured in accordance with European Union and International quality standards. We supply to the global market through a sales network operating in different cities. Our main sales representative offices are located in Antalya, Doha, Lagos, New York and Lima.

Over the years, our cold and freezer rooms, refrigeration systems ( condensing and evaporator units ), and refrigerator doors have indeed proven it's durability. The aim of our product development is to bring into practice qualities appreciated by professionals – usability, cost-effectiveness, product safety and life-cycle management.

Engineering expertise and excellence belong to our DNA. majority of our team is made up of experienced engineers. All of us at Revacco are encouraged by creativity, fast responses and proactive adaptation to the latest market trends and needs.


To develop and offer innovative solutions for a more reliable, efficient and sustainable operation of refrigeration facilities around the world with our global presence.


To build a brand reputation in the world stage, become a key player in the international markets as well as the first choice for our customers, and partners. 


To expand our business by broadening our product portfolio, our sales force worldwide and promoting our customer's loyalty.