Tempered Glass Door 

  • Various of types for Positive and Negative temperatures.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Perfectly insulated doors for cold and deep freeze storage.
  • Condensation-free view.
  • Robust frame and door construction.
  • Hold-Open function for easy loading.
  • Clear and wide view to the cold room interior.
  • High-stability, impact-resistant.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Integrated LED illumination 
  • Customizable designs in various colors and heights, with doors and frames delivered ready for installation.


Our refrigerator glass door systems combine the latest technology with functional display solutions for high-quality product presentation. The specially designed all-glass doors provide an unhindered view of products but prevent the shopping aisle from getting cooled, thereby improving the customer's shopping experience. 

Suitable for small and large retail areas, wholesale markets, petrol stations, and other commercial environments like supermarkets, Gas stations, kiosks, flower shops, and cash & carry markets.

Technical Information 

  • Aluminum profiles are jointly welded.
  • There is lighting system at which side gives on to the inside of the cabinet or the cooling room. A special cover which is made of polycarbonate and prevents the reflection of light is put on the lighting unit.
  • TS, T8 and LEO are alternative lighting options. Day light and white are the options for the lighting color.
  • Fluorescent is assembled to the frame and the cables remove out of the frame. The other elements of the lighting are applied by the customer. The side of the profile which is not lighted is covered by black PVC cover.
  • To prevent the swelling on glass,  silicon-based heaters are placed inside of the profiles.
  • There is grey PVC cover has metal content, on the inside of the profiles of the frame.
  • Electrical cables are placed in the profiles of the frame and remove to the outside where the customer requests.
  • Profiles are available with or without jamb depend of the customer request.
  • Color of aluminum profiles is mat anodized.
    Doors has the system to keep them open when they are at 90°, this provides convenience for placing materials to the cabinets.
  • Doors can be closed by softly pushing.
    Doors can be opened from the left and right directions.
  • Handle made of aluminum is applied lengthwise of the door.