Central Compressor Rack

  • Construction in galvanized sheet steel structure
  • Water-proof, corrosion resistance housing case.
  • Sets of multiple compressors
  • Semi-hermetic or Screw compressors
  • Matching Condensers available
  • Multiple cooling capacity for cold rooms, or refrigerated cabinets.
  • Inverter control capacity.
  • Oil separator and accumulator with oil filter and electronic injection.
  • Economizer – liquid sub-cooler.
  • Instrumentation panel with pressure gauges and load taps.
  • Integrated control and power panel with electronic control unit for compressor management and electronic valves.
  • Custom design fabrications upon request.

A compressor rack construction consists of multiple compressors that may or may not be operating at the same time. These multiple compressors may refrigerate different cases that are operating at different temperatures.

Multiple parallel compressors in the rack has high advantage. As they allow variable operation of refrigeration depending on how much cooling power is required.

This is different from single compressor systems in which there are only two option. Either it is operating and we have the 100 percent cooling power or it is not operating in which case we have 0 percent cooling power.

Central Rack of multiple semi-hermetic or Screw compressors in transcritical cycle, or in subcritical cycle condensed by glycol or refrigerant. Rack condensing units can be built in various combinations of 2 or more compressors to offer a larger cooling capacity.